Peter Brittin serves as the Senior Director of Cargo Policy & Technology Development overseeing all cargo policies within all operations GK9PG operates in as well as liaises with TSA and industry groups. Peter joined GK9PG in 2019 after spending 11 years in the air cargo industry both on the IAC/CCSF and ground handling side of operations. Peter started his career at a local freight forwarder in Denver that specialized in emergency freight operations for domestic and international customers in the customer service department. Shortly after he started, he helped lead the first CCSF certification in the state of Colorado under the new CCSP program as well as moved into a more security and operations driven roll. He then moved to manage the Denver cargo terminal for a national ground handling operation company where he oversaw cargo operations for 8 airlines as the General Manager. His main responsibility included security and cargo regulatory compliance for both domestic and international carriers handled at that local.

Additionally, Peter works in a small consulting role within the air cargo industry in assisting in compliance and regulatory programs/projects with various international and domestic forwarders, airports, and subcommittees.