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Canine Procurement –Auburn University

As one of the largest purchasers of working canines, our commercial relationship with Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine – Canine Performance Sciences (CPS) program ensures we can fulfill our clients’ requirements.

CPS is a leader in understanding the physical, physiological, and psychological needs of athletic and working animals and the benefits that exercise can have on their general health.

This begins with the selection of well-rounded canines that possess the essential characteristics that are proven to determine their suitability for detection work. We carefully screen all canines and procure only the highest quality canines that meet our standards for purchase.

During the procurement process, it is critical that every canine is evaluated prior to selection. Our team evaluates each canine based on its physical and behavioral attributes. Our team of expert explosive detection trainers will assess each canine’s displayed level of “drive” or “desire to search”, their level of aggressiveness, social behavior, environmental behavior, and their results from medical screening.

Initial medical validation/certifications are made by our dedicated veterinarian. All canines will be fully vaccinated, and all examinations and vaccinations will be recorded in the canine’s medical records. All dogs will be accompanied by health certificates and rabies vaccination certificates, signed by a licensed veterinarian no more than 10 days prior to deployment.

Once selected, canines move into our tailored dynamic training program, which is based on years of operational experience, lessons learned, and best practices by our internal canine training staff.