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Our clients require reliable and sustainable canine solutions. Driven by K9 Analytics, we provide turn-key K9 Security Solutions that are calculated, well planned, and realistic; all while remaining compliant with local, state, federal and international laws. Our canine professionals provide the subject matter expertise necessary to stand-up and maintain elite canine service programs. Our canine professionals fully understand the magnitude of their roles in preventing potentially catastrophic events. Our canine teams serve as a force multiplier to circumvent the impact of unmitigated threats; bolstering existing security measures.



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We are transforming the canine service industry with revolutionary methodologies. Embracing digital transformation our company integrates proprietary cutting-edge video capture and information management software. These secure systems capture key performance metrics and serve as the foundation of our K9 Analytics framework. Our video capture capabilities allows our management team and clients to conduct live audits of canine team operating remotely. These innovations play a key role in enhancing the capabilities and efficiencies of the team.

Global View

Global View is the leading cloud-based video management system providing GK9PG’s K9 screening teams with the unique capability to record all screening activities as well as the ability to share and collaborate on video activities in real-time, all while maintaining Compliance with government regulations. Global View provides our teams a reliable and secure way to Eliminate the Paper, turn your documents into electronic files; automatically create a digital Chain of Custody, capture, track, store, locate and collaborate on Customized screening procedures anywhere, using any device, so we can focus on maximizing our client’s needs, contract requirements, and outcomes.