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WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Trending Today is an award-winning Fox Business TV show dedicated towards celebrating entrepreneurs and their excellence in their industries. Having featured innovators and leaders from various sectors, the show’s May 2023 episode will feature the nation’s premier detection dog service provider, Global K9 Protection Group with their program Paws on Patrol, in action at Auburn High School in Auburn, Alabama and John Horn High School in Mesquite, Texas. The segment will take a dive into the highly scientific and result-oriented approach used for Paws on Patrol to offer expert K9 security for a wide range of applications, and what sets them apart from any other trained detection dog programs across America. 

Elizabeth Plummer, executive producer of Trending Today, stated, “For our May 2023 episode, we have featured Global K9 Protection Group for their highly innovative work in the security and K9 program sector and newly minted program Paws on Patrol. In addition to specialized dog detect training and deployment of qualified handlers, the company also takes part in highly immersive public outreach programs and community education.”

Join Global k9 Protection Group and the Paws on Patrol program as they proactively change national safety and security, starting in schools with trained 4-legged biosensors, Amos and Ferris. “Since the inception of Paws on Patrol, our mission has been about training world-class detection dogs that offer a level of safety and security for every community by fusing science with a specialized, elite dog training program,” says, Michael Larkin, Vice President of Commercial Services of Global K9 Protection Group. The science behind Paws on Patrol’s training is called Kinetic Detection; “a science-based method for selecting, training, and employing dogs for the identification of body-worn and concealed-carried explosives or firearms. Kinetic dogs constantly sample the air for explosive odor molecules regardless of the delivery system.” 

This highly specific program is one-of-a-kind, not only because it has synonymously been able to positively connect the private and public sector of the community, but is the only program that exclusively trains dogs not to attack, but detect and alert their handler when danger is about. Paws on Patrol is also specific about the breed of dogs they train, wanting “floppy-eared dogs” like those from the Retriever family, to get rid of the aggressive stigma that comes with being a detection dog. “We want to allow kids in schools and their parents, and really any space where there could be danger, feel safer knowing that they have a trained dog and handler near-by constantly on patrol”, says Eric Hare, CEO of Global K9 Protection Group.  

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