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Certified Cargo Screening

GK9PG was the first company approved by the TSA to begin providing Certified Cargo Screening Facility – K9 (CCSF-K9) services. Since then we have grown to services which includes operations in Alaska and Hawaii.

Everything that travels on a passenger aircraft inside the United States must be screened. More recent changes to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) security standards removes distinction between passenger and cargo operations. This shifts the screening requirement to all cargo transported. Homeland Security and the TSA have established the Third Party Canine Screening or 3PK9 program to create and monitor Certified Cargo Screening Facility – Canine (CCSF-K9). Private sector canine companies will provide TSA certified cargo screening canine teams to assist in meeting these new requirements.

Canine Cargo Screening Center of Excellence (CSOE)

We own and operate the world’s largest facility dedicated to the development and training of canines and handlers for cargo screening. At the CSCOE canine teams hone their skills and become proficient at searching ULDs, Skids, individual parcels, USPS Mail, crates, vehicles, and warehouse areas.

What are 3PK9 Teams?

3PK9 Teams are 3rd party or private-sector explosive detection canines teams (EDC Teams). Each team consists of one canine handler and one assigned canine that must pass an annual TSA certification. 3PK9 Teams conduct cargo screening under 49 CFR part 1549 and in accordance with the Certified Cargo Screening Program – Canine (CCSP-K9) . 3PK9 teams perform cargo screening operations as CCSF-K9s once they have been certified by TSA approved certifying organization.

Management Team

Focused diversity is the best way to describe our staff. By fusing the skillsets of our Six Sigma Black Belts, MBAs, Industry Consultants, Security specialists, & Canine Professionals; we design and deliver integrated holistic air cargo security solutions.

Our management team is largely comprised of U.S. Military Veterans. This commonality strengthens the team as we strive to improve security measures around the globe.

Compliance and Integrity are mainstays of our operations. We ensure that all programs operate in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.


Our Canine Professionals are unifying the traditional provide methods with cutting-edge technology. This cloud-based application delivers a unique capability to record the Canine Teams search activities in real-time and store them to an archival database.

Providing our Canine Professionals and Subject Matter Experts with the capability to audit training, review operational searches, monitor live searches, and connect directly with our teams working remotely. By utilizing this, we are able to diminish any potential operational risks associated with conducting decentralized canine cargo screening operations.

Our roadmap for the development of customized
security solutions is based on the E3 model:

Globalview’s RS2 is setting the new standard for remote subject matter expert support