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Planned Approach

By incorporating a two-pronged approach to implementation and operations, we can develop a strategy that evolves with the needs of our commercial clients.

The first practice we employ is the PACE methodology where we develop Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency plans. Once the foundation is set, we move to the E3 approach that asks:

Concurrent Operations – Leadership Team

Running concurrently with canine training, our leadership team will travel to each of the identified project sites to work in partnership with stakeholders to complete a threat and needs assessment checklist. This close coordination will allow our staff to develop project-specific training strategies that will be incorporated into our plan at the canine skill development level and reflected in our standard operating procedures manual delivered prior to deployment. 

Our customized solutions enhance and improve a layered security plan focused on threat mitigation for explosives and firearms, increasing public confidence, and protecting life and property.

Advancing Detection Dog Capabilities

Our proprietary training methodology is focused on producing detection dogs with the ability to detect explosive materials and firearms across a variety of delivery platforms. Our operational guidelines put the right canine resource on task to support a variety of threat mitigation strategies. GK9PG does not believe in a one-dog-fits-all solution resulting in our development of specific focused strategies. 

Our GK9PG team of canine professionals trains and deliver single-purpose explosive detection dogs with the ability to detect the presence of explosive materials in a dynamic environment. When deployed our explosive detection dogs [KEDD, EFC and EDD] are constantly sampling the air for explosive odor molecules regardless of the Improvised Explosive Device (IED) delivery system. Body-worn, concealed-carried, on-the-move, or static our dynamically trained explosive detection dogs are a proven technology solution designed to mitigate risk. 

Next Generation Solution

We understand how the risk landscape continues to evolve with emerging domestic and global terrorist organizations creating new methods to exploit attack vectors with the intent of penetrating established security best practices. As these threats continue to evolve, GK9PG is focused on delivering the next generation of detection dog capabilities.

Global K9 Protection Group is the only Civilian commercial K9 company participating in a longitudinal study of operational canines with John Hopkins University – Applied Physics Laboratory’s Canine Breeding Consortium to create a working K9 data bank. 

Our team is excited to be part of a community committed to improving Explosive Detection Canines by supporting the research and development of the working dog.