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Recruiting, Screening, and Selection Process

Our employees are our greatest asset, which is why we seek to develop a diverse workforce of quality individuals and foster a positive and rewarding working environment and culture to encourage an exceptionally high employee retention rate.

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GK9PG’s dedicated and experienced recruiting resources have screened over 1,800 applicants to support various projects. With this experience, we are confident that we have the staff, knowledge, and capacity to recruit, screen, and select the personnel required for each project. In addition, we retain a ready pool of replacement candidates to respond to normal attrition or unforeseen staffing challenges.

We take a grass-roots approach as we build our Handler force organically to meet the qualification requirements specific to the statement of work our projects demand. This philosophy targets recruitment that is focused on identifying a pool of highly qualified candidates who match the experience needed to succeed in a variety of operational environments.

Team Certification

Kinetic Explosives Detection Dog, Enhanced Firearms Capable KEDD and Explosives Detection Dog Teams will be certified in accordance with the United Police Work Dog Association (UPWDA) Standards. This certification consists of a series of practical evaluations in which each team must safely search, detect, and properly respond to their trained odors if present. Our commitment to 3rd Party National Standards is the first of its kind and we are proud to be associated with creating a set of standards all Canine providers can participate in and certify.

Canines deployed in support of all operations will be certified and trained to the Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) Odor Recognition Testing Standards to ensure GK9PG is providing the Best-in-Class detection dogs in the industry.