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X-Ray Screening Support

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Remote Screener Support

Global Canine Protection Group uses our proprietary Globalview application to support our canine teams, audit training, review operational searches, monitor live searches, connect directly with our teams working remotely, and provide screening professionals remote Subject Matter Expert support. 

Our remote screener support technology uses globally deployed, fully secure, video capture, and data systems in a smartphone/tablet-based application downloadable to a client’s mobile device or Global provided tablet.

Because everything that travels on a passenger aircraft inside the United States must be screened, timing is essential. RS2 : 

  • Prevents unnecessary evacuation from screeners misidentifying or misinterpreting an unusual or suspect item.
  • Gives the screener immediate access to subject matter experts able to support the entire screening process to include x-ray and explosive trace detection technology.
  • Connects remote screeners with current and former military and law enforcement bomb technicians with years of experience. 
  • Provides immediate notification of an event/alarm allowing for visibility into your screening facility during the event, allowing for quick expert decisions to be made at the onset of a critical incident.
  • Can be used as a handheld support tool for security personnel working as a virtual presence device for bomb threats, unattended items, or other immediate need for explosive-related SME support.

X-Ray Screening Training

Our FBI certified bomb technician experts developed a training course that addresses both the technical and human sides of the x-ray screening process. These instructors have specific experience within the screening industry with both government and corporate screening checkpoints, mailrooms and cargo facilities.

Primary objectives for the course include:

1. Develop the ability to identify and recognize prohibited items using x-ray technology.

2. Understand the P.I.E.S. acronym as it relates to the identification of IED components.

3. Understand and recognize common IED components, such as electronic parts, firing trains, fuses, etc.

4. Understand and use the detection tools of an x-ray machine.