June 23, 2022 | By Michael Larkin

Global K9 Protection Group is the industry leader in explosive mitigation and firearms detection capabilities. Our Dynamic K9 Program continues to build the next generation in explosive and weapons detection capabilities to ensure public safety. We understand active and dynamic environments need a specialized solution which is why our dogs are trained and certified to deploy in direct action against persons who are wearing and/or carrying a concealed threat. Our Kinetic Explosive Detection Dogs [KEDD] are the next generation of specialized canines and the first program to be certified by the United Police Work Dog Association in the country. Global K9 Protection Group leads the Nation in this next-generation capability with our KEDD team’s advanced training solution which includes firearms detection.      

 GK9PG understands today’s threats are continuously evolving, which presents a unique set of challenges that requires the deployment of a specific type of detection dog trained to be an unobtrusive and dynamic tool. Our clients come from a large cross-section of business ecosystems: Sports, Entertainment, Transportation, Maritime, Parks & Attractions, and Technology. Each genre presents a unique set of challenges of our canine is specially trained to overcome. Our DK9 Program provides Best-in-Class canines that are hand-selected, trained, and operationally capable of deployment to meet today’s domestic and global threats. 

Our Kinetic Explosive Detection Dogs [KEDD’s] which are Enhanced Firearms Capable require a special set of skills and characteristics – health, sociability, and workability. The aforementioned traits are critical to the selection of dogs that can thrive in this dynamic environment and we require them to meet the highest quality standards. With our Canine Training Center of Excellence and GK9PG headquarters near Auburn University, this allows our team to have access to amazing purpose-bred dogs. Our next-generation capable canines are hand-selected from Auburn University’s Canine Performance Sciences [CPS] Program. CPS is a leader in understanding the physical, physiological, and psychological needs of athletic and working animals.

 Enhanced Firearms Capable KEDD teams can screen large crowds because a well-trained detection dog can follow an odor to its source in a dynamic environment. When deployed, our UPWDA Certified Kinetic Explosive Detection Dogs are constantly sampling the air odor molecules regardless of the delivery system. Body-worn, carried, concealed on-the-move, or static placement in more traditional concealment delivery methods (packages, luggage, backpacks, parked vehicles), our dynamic explosive detection dogs are a proven technology solution designed to mitigate risk. GK9PG’s dynamically trained kinetic dogs bring a new approach to the deployment of canine resources which can be applied across all venue types. Our concept of operations puts the right canine resource on task to support a variety of threat mitigation strategies. It is not a one-dog-fits-all solution.

 Global K9 Protection Group is leading the industry, actively deployed across the country with our KEDD -Enhanced Firearms Capable teams. We create customized solutions with our clients to enhance and improve a layered security solution focused on threat mitigation for explosives and firearms, increasing public confidence, and protecting life and property. GK9PG is working with the most iconic brands across the parks and attractions industry, professional sports, and entertainment. We understand the threat of firearms is increasing both on the domestic scene and international community.

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