May 13, 2022 | By GK9PG

Global K9 Protection Group is constantly evolving new and improved ways to protect the public from gun violence. With highly trained Enhanced Firearm Capable (EFC) detection dogs, innovative technology, and our specially trained personnel on the job, you can rest assured any concealed weapon in the vicinity will be detected. 

Public safety is our priority. Our dogs are critical to detecting threats in domestic and international situations. With threats evolving daily, security requires a team of trained specialists on the forefront of technology and canine handling procedures. Global K9 Protection Group is your team. 

Our Kinetic Explosive Detection Dogs with EFC technology are the ultimate combination of mobile detection screeners to deny access to unauthorized weapons in restricted areas and public spaces. These enhanced firearm-capable dogs can screen enormous crowds and rapidly detect explosive materials and firearms hidden in the masses. 

We strive to keep people safe at every threat level. With more than 36,000 operational hours directly supporting the prevention of unauthorized firearms from entering venues, events, and shopping malls across the US in 2021 alone, we are uniquely qualified to protect your crowds from danger and terrorism.

By supporting public safety professionals worldwide, we mitigate the threat of gun violence by pioneering methods of canine training that are precisely adapted for screening large numbers of people in a rapid, thorough, and unobstructive manner.

Our work in high throughput areas of human traffic includes publicly accessible centers of activity including but not limited to: passenger terminals, schools, technology campuses, stadiums, entertainment venues, shopping malls and festivals. Each of these are potential targets of escalating threats, and require individual solutions tailored specifically to the location, crowd and security climate. 

Here at Global K9 Protection Group, public safety is upheld by the most capable and best-trained hands and paws available. We make sure communities, venues, and events are safe and protected to remain free of violence and threats. If you have any questions regarding our services or want to discuss how we can expedite an elevation of your security strategy, please contact your Global K9 Protection Group representative today and see how our solutions can keep you safe.