December 9, 2021 | By Scott Case

Every quarter, FORWARD Magazine reports on the most important issues in air cargo to the forefront, and in their Fall 2021 Edition focusing on “disrupting and innovating the supply chain by expediting the freight processes, not just the freight movement”, Global K9 Protection Group was invited to discuss our total aviation security approach. Over the course of several interviews, we talked with FORWARD’s special contributor about our dedication to providing resources both internally and externally to ensure everyone is working with the most up-to-date and accurate information possible to protect and identify threats from all sides. 

With our technology, integration, and training programs, GK9PG is proud of our partnership with the Army Civilian Skills Program (CSP) and DoD SkillBridge Program which is widely recognized as the only licensed and accredited training institute in the 3PK9 program where service members can work with us as part of their military-to-civilian transition to train and find a civilian career in the aviation security sector that’s fulfilling and rewarding. 

Since GK9PG began as the first TSA-approved 3PK9 screening company on December 7, 2018, it has grown to be an integral part of the aviation security industry above and beyond just K9 screening. By following a holistic approach to aviation security, we can bring together technology, training, and education to elevate the protection available to air logistics. 

In short, we were honored to see the amount of interest growing around aviation security and the esteemed veterans who embody the spirit of safety and protection from origin to destination. But don’t take our word for it. You can head over to FORWARD Magazine’s Fall Edition and read their coverage of the special and important work being done by Global K9 Protection Group. If you’re a subscriber, you can look forward to your paper copy arriving in your mail shortly. If you’re not a subscriber, well, you know what time it is!