July 20, 2021 | By GK9PG

Last October, Global K9 Protection Group began contacting our clients to remind them of the July 1st change brought about by the ICAO Account Consignor rule that was passed in 2016. Since then, we have been focused on helping our clients understand the importance of being ready, what it meant for their operations, how we would allocate the valuable commodities of handlers and canine teams and make sure that we were in a position to meet the needs of our customers.

Fast forward to today, when the pandemic’s impact on air cargo continues to be felt. Congestion in the ocean and rail modalities means that shippers are turning to air cargo as a means to fill urgent orders. Passenger flights have still not returned to pre-pandemic levels, even though air cargo volumes have exceeded 2019 volumes.

Today, GK9PG is working closely with customers across the air cargo supply chain to meet their ICAO required screening needs.

At GK9PG, we are proud to focus on our air cargo customers, from IAC’s to CCSF’s to ground handlers and the airlines who are the last line of defense and security in the air cargo supply chain.

Our President and CEO Eric Hare cites four differentiators that set us apart from our competition.

  1. Global K9 is the only company in the third party canine space where air cargo subject matter experts are layered between canine subject matter experts. We can speak to every level and policy within any air cargo facility – no one else can.
  2. GK9PG is licensed by the Private School Licensure of the Alabama Community College System, pursuant to the Alabama Private School License Law, Code of Alabama, Title 16-46-1 through 10.
  3. Our Global View technology is deployed in 84 countries and meets and exceeds the audit requirements of the Transportation Security Administration.
  4. Our people are dual-trained in canine as well as ETD and in some cases x-ray.

As the industry continues to navigate the ICAO regulatory changes to date and the ones still to come governing their programs, Global K9 stands as their partner in successfully maintaining the flow of international air cargo, regardless of passenger or all-cargo conveyance.