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Lithium-ion Screening

Lithium-ion Battery
Canine Cargo Screening

  • Increased Efficiencies and Effectiveness over Traditional Screening for Detection of Undeclared, Undocumented, or Counterfeit Goods.
  • Seamlessly Implemented Alongside Existing K9 Cargo Screening or as a Stand-alone For Lithium-Ion Detection Only.
  • Large National Footprint Offering Availability in Most Existing Service Locations.
  • 24/7 Coverage Available to Accommodate All Cargo Schedules.

Known Risks

Lithium-ion batteries pose a known explosive risk in the air cargo industry when not packaged or shipped properly, and as a result the FAA has warned against transporting pallets of lithium-ion batteries in the cargo holds of planes. In addition to the primary explosive risk, a secondary issue associated with transportation of lithium-ion batteries is undeclared, undocumented, or counterfeit goods. Counterfeit lithium-ion batteries pose a greater risk due to being manufactured under unregulated conditions, using minimum standards, from inferior materials.

Our Proven Solution

The Department of Defense validated GK9PG’s detection training methodology, and we leverage this proven process with our cargo and lithium-ion battery programs. 

This methodology firmly conditions the dog to the targeted odor, in this case the lithium-ion battery’s scent picture. 

The canines must meet strict criteria set by our canine subject matter experts to confirm that the canines are conditioned to the correct targeted odor/source.

Extensive research and development was conducted on lithium-ion batteries at our Canine Training Center. Our canine training uses our validated methodology and is conducted with a safe and commercially developed and manufactured lithium-ion battery training aid.

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