July 15, 2022 | By Michael Larkin

Not all dogs are created equal. Dogs capable of Kinetic Detection technology are hard to find. Superior
detection dogs must possess a specific set of traits. It’s not a dog’s superpower that makes them special,
its super-science, which is why our Kinetic Detection Dogs come from the Canine Performance Sciences
(CPS) program at Auburn University

Our mission demands we look for the very best canines available and because CPS investigates new
frontiers in olfaction, neuroscience, genetics, and physical performance by exploring the many scientific
disciplines that make up canine performance science, we know we are getting the best dogs
possible. Starting with a world-class dog is not just the right thing to do, it’s knowing how to do it right
that makes all the difference. Our Director of Kinetic Training Daniel McAfee is building the next
generation of detection dog technology today.

Our mission is to deliver Kinetic Explosives Detection Dogs, Enhanced Firearms Capable [EFC] Dogs and
traditional Explosives Detection Dogs to our clients which is the driving force behind our Dynamic K9

Paw-powered: Dogs work quickly and serve as a mobile detection technology advancing the art and
science of what is possible for well-trained detection dogs and must outpace emerging threats. Our goal
is to support the evolution of training methodologies, build a consortium of public and private sector
subject matter experts, and deliver the right technology solution to mitigate risk and keep people safe.
Dynamic environments demand the right dog for maximum impact. If you have a K9 program, ask
yourself four simple questions:

  1. Do I know where my dog comes from and why they were selected to become a detection dog?
  2. What selection criteria was used to determine our dog’s purpose?
  3. What reward system does our dog use: play or food?
  4. Who independently certifies our teams?

Dogs come in three types – Good, Better, and Best. Are you confident you have the best dogs possible
working on your campus, venue, or facility? What are you prepared to do to ensure you have the right
detection dog capable of closing the gap between the threat and your response capability?

Join the Paw-Powered discussion by contacting Michael Larkin at Michael.larkin@gk9pg.com. We can work together to
engineer the best solution possible.