June 10, 2022 | By Michael Larkin

Kinetic detection is a specialized detection dog training method designed to detect explosive/firearms odor molecules moving through the air from a specific target [person or object]. Person-worn and/or concealed-carried explosive materials and firearms in a dynamic environment are the primary mission of a Kinetic Dog.

Kinetic Methodology is a system of training methods to accurately detect mobile or static person-worn and/or concealed-carried explosive particles and firearms in a dynamic environment. Kinetic detection is dog-driven, which is distinguished from traditional canine detection method which is handler-driven.

Dog-driven is an independent search method where the dog is out front and leads the handler to the source once it encounters a target odor. The canine searches the air for explosive odor molecules independent of the handler until the target odor is located and immediately returns to continue searching after being rewarded.

Canine selection is based on their motivation to sniff and search independently. High levels of Independent Search Behavior or ISB is critical in the selection process and responsible for teaching the canine to follow explosive odor molecules, sample air currents, follow vapor-wake to the target and give a final response.

The handler must position the canine in an area that complements the kinetic detection screening to be conducted: choke points, areas in which people are walking or standing or moving, including lines and crowds.

Maximizing Resources with World-Class Capabilities:

Kinetic Explosives Detection Dogs [KEDD] are the next generation of specialized canines, and the first program in the country to be certified by the United Police Work Dog Association. Kinetic Detection is a science-based method for selecting, training, and employing dogs for the identification of body-worn [PBIED] and concealed-carried explosives or firearms. Kinetic dogs constantly sample the air for explosive odor molecules regardless of the delivery system.

Enhanced Firearms Capable [EFC] technology is leading the detection dog industry. Our Kinetic Explosive Detection Dogs with EFC technology create the ultimate mobile detection tool denying access of unauthorized weapons and explosive materials into restricted areas or public spaces.

Explosives Detection Dogs [EDD] are a proven technology solution designed to mitigate risk with a more traditional mission. Our EDD teams address more vehicle-borne and package-borne IED type threats. Delivery trucks, passenger vehicles, parked vehicles, backpacks, and unattended items all fall into this category of K9 support.

EDD applications are an extension of these general tasks and are deployed to focus on a particular search task, the context in which that search task, the context in which that search occurs, or the mode by which that search is performed.

We understand the threat of firearms is increasing both on the domestic scene and international community our dogs are a critical tool all security professionals can deploy in their continuing efforts to keep people safe.

The time for action is now!

Summer is coming, our children are finishing school, we are heading outside to enjoy sporting events-festivals-public gatherings as public safety professionals – are we taking the necessary steps to keep people safe?

Join our coalition of public safety professionals by contacting me, Michael Larkin, at Michael.larking@gk9pg.com or call my cell number 619 892-0383. Let’s exchange information, build strategy, and together, make our world and our children safer. 

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