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Global K9 Protection Group Marks Fourth Anniversary of 3PK9 Program

Company was first participant in TSA’s voluntary program for securing air cargo OPELIKA, ALABAMA – DECEMBER 7, 2022Global K9 Protection Group (GK9PG), a military veteran led Alabama company providing explosives and firearms detection canines for use in aviation, commercial and education verticals, is marking the fourth anniversary as the first company authorized by the Transportation Security Administration to operate […]

Paw Powered Detection

Kids are back in school, and unfortunately, with ready and easy access to firearms and the lack of emotional maturity and decision-making that comes with age. Teachers and administrators must remain watchful for signs of potential threats within their buildings for their students.  Violence in schools has escalated to the point where shooters have grown […]

Paws on Patrol

Paws on Patrol School Safety Program Launches

DETECTION DOG LEADER GLOBAL K9 JOINS FIRST PUBLIC/PRIVATE CONSORTIUM TO PIONEER TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS TO ENHANCE STUDENT SAFETY AND PROMOTE COMMUNITY CONFIDENCE The Paws on Patrol School Safety Program has launched in Auburn, Alabama, with a simultaneous program starting in Los Angeles with the mission of proactively mitigating the risks of gun violence Auburn, Alabama, US, Thursday August […]


Paw-Powered: Do you know your dog’s story?

Not all dogs are created equal. Dogs capable of Kinetic Detection technology are hard to find. Superiordetection dogs must possess a specific set of traits. It’s not a dog’s superpower that makes them special,its super-science, which is why our Kinetic Detection Dogs come from the Canine Performance Sciences(CPS) program at Auburn University. Our mission demands […]


Advancing the Art and Science of Detection Dog Capabilities

Global K9 Protection Group is the industry leader in explosive mitigation and firearms detection capabilities. Our Dynamic K9 Program continues to build the next generation in explosive and weapons detection capabilities to ensure public safety. We understand active and dynamic environments need a specialized solution which is why our dogs are trained and certified to […]

The Nose Knows: Innovation

The Nose Knows: Part 3 – What is the Kinetic Detection Dog Solution?

Kinetic detection is a specialized detection dog training method designed to detect explosive/firearms odor molecules moving through the air from a specific target [person or object]. Person-worn and/or concealed-carried explosive materials and firearms in a dynamic environment are the primary mission of a Kinetic Dog. Kinetic Methodology is a system of training methods to accurately […]

The Nose Knows: Innovation

The Nose Knows: Part 2 – Advanced Mobile Detection System

What makes the most Advanced Mobile Detection System in the world work? Without getting too technical there is a difference between Air-Scenting vs. Ground and Object-Scenting for mobile detection dogs. As I like to say, “the nose knows.” Let me provide a quick overview: Air-scenting involves sampling odor molecules in the air, as opposed to […]

The Nose Knows: Innovation

The Nose Knows: Part 1 – KEDD & EFC Tech Innovation on Campus

Why do Kinetic Explosives Detection Dogs with Enhanced Firearms Capable Technology Work on Campus? I started publishing a series of articles last year focused on the “Art and Science of Body-Worn and Concealed-Carried Threat Detection Capabilities” with the mission to be a catalyst for success within the detection dog industry through information sharing, insight to […]

Dedicated Firearm Detection

Global K9 Protection Group is constantly evolving new and improved ways to protect the public from gun violence. With highly trained Enhanced Firearm Capable (EFC) detection dogs, innovative technology, and our specially trained personnel on the job, you can rest assured any concealed weapon in the vicinity will be detected.  Public safety is our priority. […]

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GK9PG is attending the CNS conference 
May 23-25, 2022

About The Conference The 31st CNS Partnership Conference will be held, in-person, at the Arizona Grand Resort on 23-25 May 2022. In these unprecedented times, it is essential that our industry work together to move forward and emerge from this crisis stronger. The conference will maintain a 3-day action-packed program! Mixing fun social events and content […]

Samantha Patterson

Samantha Patterson: Chancing into Purpose

People typically come to logistics in one of two ways; either they’re born into a family who has been generations deep in the industry or they have a momentary brush with our world and realize it’s exactly where they belong. For Samantha Patterson, there was one extra step that made all the difference. With a […]


Canine detection leader Global K9 to Purchase and integrate assets of 360 Security Partners, LLC, as part of ongoing drive to take lead in U.S. Canine Security Industry Global K9 Protection Group expands on industry-leading position providing enhanced security screening for air cargo, sports, entertainment, and law enforcement Opelika, Alabama, USA, Wednesday, April 6, 2022: Engineered canine […]

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